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Housing Disrepair: Do you have any of these issues?

Damp, mould, Leaks, structural issues, subsidence, Roofing issues, Faulty electrics, Broken Heating, Rodent issues and Many more...

Stage 1: Criteria

1. Housing Disrepair can affect anyone, so if you are you a Council, Housing association tenant
2. Have you been complaining for longer than 90 days?
3. Have your issues been ignored?
We could help!

Stage 2: Claim Assessment

If you think you meet the criteria, contact us and our client services team will go through your issues in more detail and see if you qualify to make a claim

Stage 3: Evidence & Submission

Once we have established if you potentially qualify to make a claim and you have submitted the evidence of your issues. We will then submit your file.


What our customers are saying about us when making a Housing disrepair claim


"You guys are great and have amazing support & service. I felt listened to!"

Julie Client

"My Landlord refused to deal with my issues after years of complaining. I am glad i found you on Facebook"

Mitchell Client

"My Housing association failed to deal with my damp & mould issues after complaining so many times. Thank you for listening"

Sarah Client

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