Landlord Responsibilities

Every landlord that rents out a residential property in the UK has strict responsibilities in terms of what they must maintain. In case a landlord fails to fulfill these responsibilities, the tenant has a reason to claim for housing disrepair damages. The following are some of the things that the landlord is obliged to take care of:

Any damages to the exterior walls of the property, along with the windows, roof, and other external fittings.
All drains, and the plumbing system for freshwater supply unless they are the responsibility of the local water board.
Maintaining and repairing gas appliances like heaters
Repairing and maintaining the central heating and hot water
maintain all electrical work within the property.

In case you’re unsure whether part of your property is the responsibility of the landlord to repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to Emerald Law and we’ll be happy to Advise you.

Tenant Responsibilities

Just as the landlords, every tenant has a set of legal responsibilities towards their rented property:

The tenant is responsible for performing certain maintenance on the property, like changing any fuses that blow or lightbulbs that expire.
The tenant also has to make responsible use of all fittings and fixtures on the property, such as making sure they put the right kind of garbage into the waste disposal unit to avoid damaging it.
The tenant should at all times, avoid damage on the property, and also make sure that their visitors don’t damage the property.