Can I leave my rental if there is mould?

Can I leave my rental if there is mould?

Can I leave my rental if there is mould?

Can I leave my rental if there is mould?

Can I leave my rental if there is mould? Finding some minor mould in damp areas like bathrooms may be an unfortunate reality in many rentals. But can tenants legally break their tenancy agreements and leave properties if severe hazardous mould renders homes uninhabitable? We explore your rights when fungal infestations get out of control.

Defining a Chronic Mould Problem

More than just some surface mildew in the grout or a patch of fungus on an exterior wall, chronic dangerous mould issues normally involve:

  • Substantial mould growth affecting most rooms
  • Landlords failing to remedy root causes like leaks or moisture
  • Loss of safe habitable space from contamination
  • Legitimate fears regarding health impacts like lung inflammation

Usually such severe cases result from long-term structural defects or major events like floods. Evidence from doctors, inspectors and legal experts will back up tenant claims.

When You Can Legally Vacate Due to Mould

If you’ve extensively reported hazardous mould without a landlord’s reasonable attempts to treat causes and remediate contamination, housing law in your defence may enable you to:

  • Break the tenancy agreement on health/safety grounds
  • Sue landlords for compensation if mould provably caused illness/damage
  • Stop paying full rent if the property becomes legally unfit for occupation
  • Ultimately vacate the property while still paying owed rent short-term

Each situation differs, so document evidence and always consult housing legal experts first. But the law prevents landlords ignoring severe mould affecting basic tenant welfare.

Seeking Temporary Relocation

If individual units get overrun by mould/fungi during planned works, responsible landlords should provide temporary safe accommodations elsewhere until fixes complete. This ensures tenants don’t bear the brunt of disruption. If you feel like we can be of any help, please contact our client services team today.

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