Can my landlord blame me for mould?

Can my landlord blame me for mould?

Can my landlord blame me for mould?

Can my landlord blame me for mould?


Can my landlord blame me for mould? Finding dark fuzzy mould suddenly sprouting across your rental walls or ceiling can spark immediate tenant fears over blame. Landlords often hastily accuse residents of “lifestyle choices” like poor ventilation causing excessive moisture. But what rights protect tenants against unfair accusations when attempting to compel repairs?

Landlord vs Tenant Maintenance Duties Legally under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, landlords retain obligations to effectively treat and repair damp, leaks and mould issues stemming from structural failings like:

  • Lacking damp proof membranes allowing rising ground moisture
  • Roof leaks enabling penetrating dampness
  • Major plumbing defects
  • Broken guttering and external drainage

Where deficiencies relate to the building itself, landlords cannot lawfully blame tenants.

Meanwhile, tenants must take reasonable ventilation precautions, promptly report minor issues before mould outbreaks, and avoid intentionally introducing excessive steam without extraction like industrial growing operations!

Unfair Accusations and Retaliation Landlords frequently ignore legal obligations by immediately accusing residents of “lifestyle choices” causing humidity and mould. Sometimes they even attempt illegal retaliation like harassing residents seeking repairs or attempting unlawful early evictions.

However, advisers typically classify these behaviours as unlawful harassment or discrimination. Keep dated photo evidence of mould growth locations, formal repair requests, and health issues to help defend against false landlord accusations if necessary.

Seeking External Validation If disputes persist, independent council environmental health inspections can determine causes and liability. Landlords presented with official warnings and improvement notices often back down over unfounded tenant blaming. Alternatively, housing charities can advocate directly for affected tenants.

Ultimately the law prevents handing tenants full accountability for structural external housing defects realistically outside their control.

Do not think you are alone. We have helped thousands of tenants over ten years get their homes repaired and compensation.

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