Damp and mould in rental property

Damp and mould in rental property

Damp and mould in rental property

Damp and mould in rental property

Damp and mould in rental property Finding patches of dark fuzzy mould and moisture-laden walls in a rental property can spark endless tenant frustrations. Either from rising damp, leaks, or condensation, excessive indoor moisture encourages mould growth that risks health. But what can renters do to fix damp and mould problems under UK housing rights? We take a look.

Landlord Requirements Under Housing Law

The critical starting point – landlords hold legal responsibilities under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 to effectively treat and prevent damp/mould issues in their rental properties. This covers:

  • Stopping rising damp with proper damp proof membranes and ventilation
  • Identifying and fixing structural leaks causing penetrating damp
  • Providing adequate heating, insulation and ventilation to minimise condensation

Tenants reporting indoor damp or mould growth should have their landlord promptly inspect and make repairs to keep the property habitable. Ignore issues and tenants can pursue further action.

When Tenant Ventilation Efforts Matter

However, tenants also must take reasonable moisture prevention steps – chiefly keeping trickle vents open when cooking/showering and effectively heating/airing rooms. While ultimately accountable for faults outside tenant control, landlords can require residents follow condensation reduction steps.

Evidence like photos and maintenance records will help show each party acted reasonably if disputes proceed to housing tribunals.

Getting Environmental Health Inspections If landlords fail to fix damp/mould faults within a reasonable time, council environmental health teams will investigate and can require rapid improvements with legal notices. Severe cases also give tenants rights to pursue rent rebates or relocation assistance.

Nobody wants to live surrounded by hypoallergenic mould risks. Asserting housing rights firmly ensures tenants secure the healthy indoor conditions they deserve. If you feel we can help you, please contact our client services team today.

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