What is the difference between damp and mould?

What is the difference between damp and mould?

What is the difference between damp and mould?

What is the difference between damp and mould?

What is the difference between damp and mould? Many tenants use the terms “damp” and “mould” interchangeably when finding moist patches or fungus in properties. However, while linked, clinical experts describe damp and mould as distinct housing issues needing tailored solutions. Below we detail the key differences.

Defining Damp Essentially, damp refers to any unwanted moisture within structures arising from:

  • Rising ground moisture drawn through walls missing proper membranes.
  • Leaking roofs or broken pipes enabling water penetration.
  • Condensation droplets forming on cold surfaces without adequate warmth, ventilation and insulation.

Indications specifically involve musty odours, stained patches, peeling paint, eroding plaster and timber warping, even without mould. Addressing infiltration sources forms vital damp-proofing.

Explaining Mould By contrast, mould defines the many species of opportunistic fungal organisms that colonize damp areas. This plant-like kingdom thrives on cellulose-based materials in humid, stagnant indoor air environments.

While many moulds appear harmless, producing allergens and chaotic growth damaging buildings, certain genera even emit toxic gases carrying potential health risks with chronic exposure.

Mould Clean up and Control Crucially, while fixing leaks and ventilation issues aids prevention, effectively cleaning, killing and safely containing existing indoor mould growth requires specialized biocide treatments to avoid wider spreading. This ensures successful health hazard elimination.

In summary, “dampness” refers to the broader housing moisture issues, while “mould” describes the resulting biological fungus buildup itself. Their solutions interlink but focus on different areas – from leak repairs to spore neutralization. Tackling both fully protects homes.

As a tenant you have legal right to live in a home that is free of issues. If you are tired of living in substandard conditions, then feel free to book a call with our team and we will help you discuss what options and action is available to you.

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Housing Ombudsman: https://www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk/